Training Zones – 8x

Training Zones – 8x


Do you want to take notes of your training zones but don’t know how? Use our training zone stickers where you can write, clean and write again!

Each unit has 5x stickers with 8 zones each!

training-zones-8x-zones In stock ,


Stickers produced using high quality printed laminated pvc vinyl, which lets it stick and shape to sinuous places, and being able to resist the UV radiation and mild abrasion.

It is 100~150 microns thick and can Handle temperatures between -60ºC and 107ºC.

The adhesive power is progressive and it will have medium tack at the beginning to ease the application and it will reach 80/90% of its final tack in 24h and 100% in 48h.


(1) If you want this product with metallic, neon, chrome, chameleon colors, please contact us before making the order.

(2) The product images are just representative of the products format since most of our products are customized by the customers.

(3) We recommend Reading the install instructions that goes with your package before applying the stickers, as the durability will depend heavily on the application and usage!


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