We are a very small team and we try our best to respond as quickly as possible to all messages/emails. Sometimes, especially in festive seasons, the response time will be affected.

In these cases, the easiest way to get an answer will be through our social networks or by phone.

Our prices are calculated with a low-profit margin, in order to be competitive and offer our customers a high-quality product at a fair price, which is why the survival of our company would be jeopardized by constantly running promotions.

The culture of discounts usually practiced by other companies only works when there are high-profit margins.

All of our machines and raw materials are of high quality so we also have high-quality products, which makes our products expensive to produce.

You can check our OUTLET section, where we have several products at symbolic prices, products that are in perfect condition and that were returned or produced in order to make better use of the raw material.

For sponsorship proposals, you should contact us by email with your sports curriculum, as well as your social networks, interests, sponsorships and objectives.

Please note that we are a small company and therefore have limited capabilities when it comes to the number and size of our sponsorship agreements.


Try disabling any browser extension that may be interfering with some functionality of our website. You can also try using incognito mode or even a different browser.

Please note that it is not necessary to create an account to order.

You will have to access the “My Account” option in the upper right corner of the site followed by the “Account Details” option and there you will be able to change the desired information.

You can also change your billing and shipping details in the “Addresses” option. If you are unable to change any of the information, please contact us.

There is no option on our website for the customer to delete their own account. However, we can manually remove it at the customer’s request.


You do not need to create an account to place an order on our site, however, you will need to provide all shipping and billing information necessary for us to invoice and ship your order.

To reduce waste of raw materials and consumables, we group orders paid by Tuesday of each week and produce them all together on Wednesday. Shipments are made between Thursday and Friday.

It should be noted that certain products where production is particularly complicated, such as products with a transparent background, special colors, or large quantities, may take longer than expected.

Whenever there is a holiday that week on Thursday or Friday, we will bring forward the production day so that all orders are shipped on the scheduled day.

If you have any questions or particularly urgent requests, please contact us before ordering.

We offer multiple payment methods such as Bank transfers, Paypal and Stripe. You can also use a credit card with Paypal or Stripe, so we don’t store any of your card information.

For customers located in Portugal, we have local payment methods available like Multibanco, MB Way and Payshop.

Our site will only accept our currency, the Euro.

If you use Paypal or Stripe service, their system will convert your currency to Euros automatically.

If you use a Bank transfer, you must convert it at your bank so that we receive the exact amount in Euros.

As soon as the customer places an order, we will prepare it for production.

The order will be produced between Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, and any changes to it must be communicated as soon as possible.

If the product includes personal information, photos, or logos associated with the customer that makes it impossible to resell, if the product has already been produced, it will not be possible to change and/or cancel it.

As soon as we ship an order, the customer receives a shipping confirmation by email with the tracking number and the link to be able to track the order with the corresponding shipping company.

For customers located in Portugal, there is the option of sending by CTT Green Shipping, which will not have an object number. This option will only be available for orders under €20.00 and with products that fit inside DL or C5 envelopes.

Please note that in festive seasons or times of particular difficulty such as pandemics, wars, etc, the estimated shipping deadlines may change without prior notice. It is the shipping company’s sole responsibility to inform the customer.

We accept returns of products purchased on JM Graphics site that do not contain drawings, photos or information from a given customer such as a name, photo, logo, etc.

The products must be complete, unused, undamaged and not peeled from the back, so that we can resell them in the future.

All returns must be sent back to us with a tracked service, as it will be the customer’s sole responsibility if the order is not delivered.

Please contact us first with the following data:
– Name
– Order Number
– Date of Purchase
– Product to be returned and the reason

The refund will be processed after we receive the products and verify that they are in perfect condition.


We do not send samples. The quality of our products is ensured by the knowledge we have of the production, application and use of the products we sell, and we will always recommend the best option for you.

In terms of mockups, customized products or when there are doubts about the customer’s personalization, we will contact the customer before production.

If you would like to see a mockup before ordering, please contact us.

Not satisfied with the received products? Contact us and we’ll fix it!

We have a significant database of the colors most used by the most common manufacturers that we can use to calibrate the color of a sticker.

In case we don’t have it already calibrated, we can try to approximate it using photos, however, it will never be an option with guaranteed good results.

The only solution for a perfect calibration will always be to have the product with us for testing, something we do for free.

The use of CMYK, Pantone or RAL codes will never be guaranteed since there is a great variation on the part of the manufacturer, and in most cases, we will be much closer than the manufacturer between the design of the product and its production.

Depending on your screen, virtual color emulation and processing by the machines, there will always be a difference between the mockup and the final result, so we recommend always trusting our opinion.

Don’t forget that most paints and colors will change with exposure to sunlight and time, so using a color code that is already calibrated, you may have differences for your product, especially in fluorescent colors.

In special colors, such as metallic, fluorescent, chrome, etc., we may have to use specific raw materials, which we may have to acquire on purpose for you and which may involve extra costs. In these situations, we will advise the customer in good time to make a decision.