Our Story

It all started in 2013 when i’ve started to draw some graphics for my ride, since i couldn’t find them anywhere. My friends loved it and kept asking for some. I saw that there was a gap in the market for a extremely good quality, well priced and with good customer service company, and in 2016, i’ve created a little facebook page. Few hours a day hobby while i was studying electronic engineering, and hours become full days, and full days become nights with 1 or 2 sleep hours. I had to quit my degree and start working full time.
Being able to work every day with design and bikes, is what i always hoped for and i couldn’t be more happy!

Then orders kept pilling up and had to get some help, my friend and riding bud Rui Teixeira, had just finished high school and was looking for a job so i thought: well, a company devoted to bikes with two bike guys, what could be better? A picky guy like me, was the perfect guy to ensure the good quality of our products so it began to help me with the template creation and applications as i was taking care of the design/sales.

Even with two guys, we were going crazy with way too many work hours. Mauricio was finishing high school also and was the perfect do-it-all fast guy to help us with orders, customer service, production. A really nice guy, that loves bikes as we do.

I sometimes feel that life is a puzzle and out of nowhere, the perfect pieces just appears in front of you, and there’s something in you that tells you that that’s the perfect piece to fit in that place.

In the beggining of 2018, we took a big step as external production didn’t gave us the quality, the deadlines and the raw material choice we needed. We invested and moved from a little room in my house to a office in the middle of Fafe, Portugal, with all new top-of-the-line machinery, with the best materials in the world, as we always dreamed.

Now we hope to be able to keep helping our customers, with new products, new partnerships, new projects, new riders and new teams, getting bigger, getting better, getting quicker, but always keeping the same mindset, the same vibe and the same values.

Thanks to every single person that helped us making a dream come true, our customers, partners, friends and family.

Jorge Marinho, JM Graphics Founder & CEO