New Race MTB Carbon C30 C4A 2021

New Race MTB Carbon C30 C4A 2021


This product will only fit 29’’ wheels.

For more info, please contact us.

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We are quality obsessed. Always searching for the finest and newest materials, machines, and production techniques. Our stickers are the choice of many pro riders, pro teams, companies, and shops for many years, put to the test in race conditions at the biggest events in the world, from road to downhill riding.

Produced using high-quality PVC printed laminated vinyl or die-cut vinyl, which lets it stick and shape to sinuous places, and is able to resist UV radiation and mild abrasion. Rated between 7 and 12 years, from 50 to 200 micron thick, capable of handling temperatures between -60ºC and 107ºC, depending on the product and color.

The adhesive power is progressive, and it will have medium tack at the beginning to ease the application and it will reach 80/90% of its final tack in 24h and 100% in 48h.


(1) Product images are just representative of the product’s format since most of our products are customized by the customers.

(2) Colors may look different in reality, due to variances in color gammas and calibration settings from your screen, our software, machines, and material settings. Comparing the colors in person is the only way a color match is 100% guaranteed. We have some factory colors already calibrated, so if in doubt, contact us first to ensure the best result.

(3) Durability will depend heavily on the application and usage! So please read our install instructions, before applying them.

(4) Special colors like metallic, neon, chrome, etc, require more expensive but less durable and more difficult to apply materials. A normal/solid color is always the safest and more durable choice.